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Record Information

Type: Library Material
Title: Thomas Sowell : a self-made man
Series: Heroes of Liberty
Publisher: Heroes of Liberty, Inc.
Edition: 1st
ISBN: none
Copyright: 2021
Author:Dickson, Sean
Illustrator:Pearce, Carl
Price: 25.00
Material Attributes:Hardback
Illustrations -- yes

Evaluation Information

Recommendation Status: marginal
Created By:Carla McCaffrey
Subject Unit:Biographies and Autobiographies
Grade Level:2, 3, 4, 5
Appropriate Audience:FCR (Free Choice Reading)
Describe the material:Include description of contents and their intended purpose.
Economist Thomas Sowell made himself into the academic giant he is today. But he wasn't always famous. When Thomas left home at 17, all he had in the world fit into a single suitcase.While he looked for work, he often had nothing to eat except stale bread and jam. But Sowell refused to give in to despair or self-pity. And indeed, Sowell went on to be a famous thinker that inspires millions with his ideas on self-reliance and free-market economics.

If you want to teach kids about economics and perseverance, Sowell's story and wisdom will do it.
Evaluate the material:What is its relationship to MCPS curriculum?
Biography, famous African Americans
Analyze the material:List material's strengths and weaknesses.
Strength: Full page illustrations, this book presents both his story and his ideas in an age-appropriate way for elementary students
Weakness: The publisher has a stated mission of creating books with "the American values that made this country great."
Relative worth of the material:How does it compare (and relate) to other similar materials on the same subject?
There are no other biographies of Thomas Sowell in any MCPS school. This book addresses this need.
First Signature: Carla McCaffrey
First Signature Date: 9/30/2022
Second Signature: Christine Little, 09/30/22
School Number: 0209