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Record Information

Type: Library Material
Title: Prince & Knight
Publisher: Little Bee Books
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 9781499805529
Copyright: 2018
Author:Haack, Daniel
Illustrator:Lewis, Stevie
Price: 12.59
Material Attributes:Hardback
Illustrations -- yes

Evaluation Information

Recommendation Status: highly recommended
Created By:Karina Hirschhorn
Subject Unit:Fiction(FIC)-Fantasy(FY)
Grade Level:K, 1, 2, 3
Appropriate Audience:FCR (Free Choice Reading)
Describe the material:Include description of contents and their intended purpose.
From the Publisher
"Victorious . . . the premier queer-friendly fairy tale." Kirkus Reviews, starred review "An illuminating fairy tale for young readers to be able to see that not every prince would like to marry a princess." School Library Journal "A colorful and entertaining tale exploring sexuality, acceptance, and young love." Booklist In this modern fairy tale, a noble prince and a brave knight come together to defeat a terrible monster and in the process find true love in a most unexpected place. "Thank you," he told his parents. "I appreciate that you tried, but I'm looking for something special in a partner by my side." Once upon a time, in a kingdom far from here, there was a prince in line to take the throne, so his parents set out to find him a kind and worthy bride. The three of them traveled the land far and wide, but the prince didn't quite find what he was looking for in the princesses they met. While they were away, a terrible dragon threatened their land, and all the soldiers fled. The prince rushed back to save his kingdom from the perilous beast and was met by a brave knight in a suit of brightly shining armor. Together they fought the dragon and discovered that special something the prince was looking for all along. This book is published in partnership with GLAAD to accelerate LGBTQ inclusivity and acceptance.
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Free choice
Analyze the material:List material's strengths and weaknesses.
From SLJ: "Haack and Lewis have created a fairy tale in rhyme about a prince who is looking for a partner. The king and queen help their son meet many young ladies in the kingdom, but he is not interested in any of them. After much deliberation, he decides to leave the kingdom to consider his future. While he is gone, a dragon threatens the royal family and villagers. The prince and knight vanquish the dragon and realize they are perfect for one another. The king and queen are so happy their son has found true love. The digital illustrations are rich in color and depth. This is an illuminating fairy tale for young readers to be able to see that not every prince would like to marry a princess. VERDICT A great addition to any library or classroom, especially where fairy tales are in demand." MY NOTE: From the end papers, which have a gazillion princesses in faded red and the prince and the knight highlighted, to the simple plot line (yes, a Cinderella story), to the rhyming text, to the incredibly evocative facial expressions, this story ROCKS.
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Booklist (February 1, 2018 (Vol. 114, No. 11))
Preschool-Grade 2. Once upon a time, a handsome young prince lived in a very grand kingdom. His parents wish to find him a companion before he is old enough to take the throne. The prince meets a number of princesses from many diverse backgrounds, but the prince does not find the right partner for him. While out searching, the prince hears of a dragon ravaging his own kingdom, and immediately rides out to fight. With the help of a young knight, the dragon is soon subdued. Subsequently the knight and the prince fall for each other in a series of delightful and adorable illustrations. Similar in tone and setup to Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland’s King & King (2002), this demonstrates that it is possible to create a gay-affirming book for young readers without resorting to didacticism. Debut author Haack and illustrator Lewis have constructed a colorful and entertaining tale exploring sexuality, acceptance, and young love. An appealing story for parents and children alike.
Kirkus Reviews starred (April 1, 2018)
A prince of marriageable age looks far and wide for a partner who sings the same tune. “Handsome and sincere,” the prince accompanies his parents to meet ladies from nearby kingdoms. While the royals are away, a fire-breathing dragon ravages their home kingdom. The prince races home to protect his realm only to find a knight in shining armor battling alongside him. The two work together to defeat the dragon, but in the process, the prince loses his grip and nearly falls to his doom. The visored knight sweeps in to catch the prince, takes off his helmet to reveal his identity, and the two instantly realize their connection. Villagers and royals alike cheer for the two men’s relationship and, soon, wedding. Lewis’ lush colors and dramatic sequencing clearly show her background in animation and lend a timeless, Disney-like quality to the story. The art notably does not shy away from depicting the intimacy between the men, keeping it on par with images of heterosexual relationships that already dominate children’s media. Though the royal family is white, the happy villagers and the prince’s new betrothed add some necessary racial diversity to the mix. Victorious—it may even usurp King & King (2001) as the premier queer-friendly fairy tale for this age set. (Picture book. 4-8)
First Signature: Karina Hirschhorn/Cedar Grove ES/MCPS
First Signature Date: 7/17/2018
Second Signature: School Library Journal (March 1, 2018)
School Number: 703